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What we offer:

Potomac Psychological Center provides a wide range of services for children, adolescents, and adults including, but not limited to:

Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy

These are on-on-one sessions between you and your licensed clinician.  These sessions are 45-50 minutes in duration.  Your therapist will help you identify therapeutic goals and achieve these goals by using a myriad of therapeutic techniques.  Individual therapy is useful for, but not limited to, individuals experiencing symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, life stress, work stress, school stress, ADHD, mood disorders, behavior problems and/or trauma

Couples Counseling
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These are sessions which involve at least two family members and the therapist.  These type of sessions are 45-50 minutes in duration.  The therapist will help the family members improve their relationships through a number of techniques and strategies.  Family sessions are useful for, but not limited to, families that are experiencing communication problems, behavior problems and/or parenting issues.


These sessions involve one or two therapists with a group of patients all working on similar issues.  These sessions typically last one hour.  The therapist(s) will utilize a number of strategies to help the group members work on the identified group issue.  Group therapy, while led by the therapist, also allows participants to learn through each other's experiences, help recognize they are not alone and progress through collaboration

Psychological Evaluations
Psychological Evaluation

Psychological evaluations/testing (including General Psychological Evaluations, ADD/ADHD Evaluations, Cognitive Decline Evaluations, Memory Issue Evaluations, Traumatic Brain Injury Evaluations) allow patients and their provider to better identify a diagnosis and treatment plan.  Testing sessions involve you and your licensed psychologist.  At your first intake appointment, which lasts approximately 45 - 50 minutes, the psychologist will conduct a clinical interview and obtain information to help in conducting a comprehensive evaluation.  You will then participate in a number of measures and tests conducted by the psychologist lasting approximately 2 to 4 hours.  After completion of the tests, the psychologist will analyze the results and produce a report, this takes at least 3 weeks.  Once the report is completed, the psychologist will review the report with you at a follow-up session which will last 45-50 minutes. 

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